First Ballyeaston

Presbyterian Church


 at the Church Service and Midweek:

From Sunday 12th January  for 12 weeks

A new resource that will help us as a congregation to develop our community witness and grow in confidence in telling others about Jesus. It involves content for the whole church, round table conversations and short video clips telling stories of lives transformed from across PCI. 


The resource is structured around three important sections:

•             Building Relationship will equip congregations to reflect upon how they can join with people on their journey to faith in Jesus.

•             Cultivating Community will help congregations think about how to help others experience the community of the church.

•             Inviting Encounter will equip church members for sharing their story of faith and the gospel story, in a simple and natural way.

Effectively reaching out to others with the gospel hasn’t got any easier. SHARE will help us strip the task back to three simple things that make it more realistic and accessible to everyone in the congregation.


Week 5     Mid week

Prayer Meeting

Week 10   11th March

        Mid Week

Telling your story:


3: 4-14

How to share your story simply using a framework of before, during and after. Handout 10
Week 6   9th February

          Morning  Service

Cultivating Community

1 Corinthians


We all have a part to play - and only a part - in the church's work of outreach Week 11   18th March

        Mid Week

Telling the gospel story:


13: 44-46

How to share the gospel story with everyday pictures people are familiar with. Handout 11
Week 6 12th February

          Mid Week

Bringing our worlds together

John 13:34-35

How we might extend the community of the church

Handout 6

Week 12   25th March

        Mid Week



John 1:35-51

How to build towards offering a good invitation. Handout 12

Share will be running at our midweek meetings, in the Galbraith Hall, over 12 weeks commencing on the 12 January

Each evening will begin with tea and coffee from 7.45pm and end at 9pm.



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