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What is Church?

A Church is a gathering of people who believe in God and have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. They meet to worship God by singing, hearing of his teachings from their minister and by reading the Bible.


What do we do?

During the Sunday services we sing various hymns both contemporary and traditional accompanied by our very own band of musicians and listen to God's teachings from our Minister or from time to time a guest speaker. We also read from the Bible and pray to God about various issues both at home and abroad. Prayer is like a private conversation with your best friend but only during prayer you are talking to God. During the week there are various activities for both young and old around our Church Halls, information about these can be found on our Calendar.


What do I wear?

There is no strict dress code although smart casual is a good guide. A T-shirt and a pair of jeans are common place these days but if you really want to dress up, an open neck shirt and trousers is normal for men. Or if you are a lady, NO HATS NEEDED!


When is it?

Morning services start at 11:30 September to June and 11.00 in July and August united with our sister congregation Second Ballyeaston.

Evening worship is held on the First Sunday of the month from September to June. Check our Calendar for more information.


A Basic Service

Welcome & Announcements Offering and Prayer
Praise Bible Reading
Prayer of Adoration & Confession Praise
Praise Address
Children's Talk Closing Praise
Praise Benediction


Common queries

Most people who visit a church for the first time are a little apprehensive.  With this in mind, here is some further information to help:

  • You can come along, take a seat, listen and leave quietly, if you choose.  You won't be asked to say or do anything.
  • You don't have to be religious or a Christian to come along.  If you have any sort of interest at all, then you are more than welcome to come and join with us.
  • There is no dress code.  Some people dress casually in jeans and t-shirts, some dress smart wearing suits or dresses.
  • A collection will be gathered during each service but this is more for the church family to contribute to.  Please do not feel under any obligation to give money.

Getting in touch

At any point, if you have any questions, or want to get in touch with us, then please feel free to Contact Us, and someone will be in touch with you shortly.  The address of the church can be found under the Contact Us section as well, and a map is available here so you can find us. 

We really look forward to hearing from you, and to finding out more about how we can help, support and encourage you.


A final thought

God loves you simply because He has chosen to do so.  He loves you when you don't feel lovely.  He loves you when no one else loves you.  Others may abandon you, divorce you, and ignore you, but God will love you.  Always.  No matter what.  

"I'll call nobodies and make them somebodies; I'll call the unloved and make them beloved."  (Romans 9:25)




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